DiS was founded in 1995 to help regional manufacturers improve productivity and efficiency and gain a competitive advantage through the implementation of real-time data collection and business information systems.

For almost two decades, DiS have been the Infor certified VISUAL partner for Singapore and the surrounding region.

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Our Focus

Way back in 1995, when Microsoft only developed operating systems, and had just released Windows 95, DiS was founded.

The company was establised not by a software specialist, but by a manufacturing professional, with over fifteen years experience in discrete manufacturing at all levels, from shop floor operator to General Manager in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia.

The company mandate both then and now, is to help other manufacturers overcome the frustrations he faced daily, particularly in the areas of resource scheduling, and capturing the progress and status of work on the production shop floor.

Comprising of Manufacturing Engineers and Consultants, we specialize in providing solutions for discrete manufacturing and engineering businesses who are seeking to keep in step with the rapid changes in the local and global marketplace.

We strongly believe that our integrated information solutions enable a business continued success and growth, and that real-time and on-time information is essential in improving responsiveness to a customer’s needs.

With a successful track record now spanning two decades, DiS has succeeded in helping numerous manufacturers within the region embrace IT across their business enterprises, by providing solutions which are cost effective, highly intuitive, easy to maintain and support rapid implementation.

Understanding Manufacturing

We understand the manufacturing industry, and we know what it's like to have 'swarf' in the soles of our shoes. We specialize in solutions for the high mix, low volume order-driven business, which have special functional needs that are traditionally not met by standard ERP / MRPII packages. These include; finite capacity planning, actual costing, purchasing directly to a job, manufacturing without part numbers, and adding to or changing a job after it has been released to the shop floor.

Most will agree, that in a manufacturing business, production is the heart that drives all other functions, and that in order to boost a company's productivity, efficiency, throughput and profits, the focus should firstly be on optimizing the manufacturing operations and not on optimizing the admin and accounting departments.

But many of the ERP systems you will encounter today, are Accounting-Centric, with only very basic manufacturing functionlaity to allow the software to be marketed and sold as an ERP system as opposed to just an Accounting System. These systems typically work well in a trading or distribution type business, but often lack real manufacturing functionality, with the result that they will eventually only be used for inventory and accounting but not across the entire manufacturing operation.

And often, during the sales presentations, 80% of their focus will be on the A/P A/R and G/L modules, and very little time will be spent on understanding and presenting detailed production planning and execution requirements.

Our approach however is different, our Manufacturing-Centric solutions have advanced manufacturing, scheduling and data collection features and functions not found in most traditional MRP/ERP type systems, and we aim to help boost your operation productivity, reduce lead-times, increase throughput and profits.

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