When evaluating a software solution, it is important to look beyond it's features and functionality.

A well-balanced evaluation should also consider the vendor's vision & commitment, their experience and ability to deliver you with the professional services to ensure the effective implementation, use and on-going support of the software.

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VISUAL Implementation
VISUAL Implementation

Installation & Implementation

Like any major project, the key to a successful ERP implementation project includes planning, preparation as well as execution.

Our Consultants are manufacturing, accounting and systems professionals, who understand business operations, are skilled and experienced wth VISUAL and in system implementation.

With almost two decades of implementation experience, DiS ensures successful and efficient implementations by providing a strong implementation team with extensive certification programs for Application Consultants, extensive implementation documentation and tool kits, together with comprehensive training classes. As a result, many customers are able to implement their system in less than 90 days.

While the cost for ERP implementation is typically from 200% to 500% the cost of the software, our implementation costs are normally between 50% and 100% of the software cost, indicating a more rapid implementation, lower investment cost and faster ROI.

Why Do We Need Implementation ?

The purpose of our implementation consultation services is to enable you to setup and configure your Infor VISUAL solution in the most optimum manner to suit your business operations. It involves the study of your existing business system and will result in the recommended method of configuration of our solutions to fit your particular business.

Like any typical manufacturing business, we add value to our raw materials, the software, by using the experience and skill of our Consultants to configure and optimize our solutions to best suit your business. Our consultants will also offer advice on re-engineering your business procedures and methods in order to optimize them for operation under a computerized system.

So Who Does The Implementation ?

Both your company's staff and our consultants form the Implementation Team and are jointly responsible for the sucessful implementation. The two key people in the Implementation Team are DiS's Primary Consultant, and an internal Project Coordinator whom you choose from among your personnel.

Our Business Consultants will understand your business operations and will act as advisers to your project team to help you get the most out of your system with the least amount of effort.

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