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For almost two decades we have been helping local engineering and manufacturing businesses boost operational productivity and throughput with our VISUAL Manufacturing solutions.

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  • Integrated with ERP Express
  • From 1 to 40 Machines
  • Provides Real Time Information
  • W/O Operation Queuing
  • Operation Auto-Loading
  • Close on Qty Complete
  • Resume on M/C Activity
  • Time or Qty Tickets
  • Un-Assigned Quantities
  • Machine Names & Zones
  • Tooling Management
  • Quick-Shift Change
  • Eliminates Manual / Barcode Labour Tickets
  • Eliminates Human Count Errors
  • Improves Operator Efficiency
  • Improves Machine Throughput through reduced Job Queues
  • Improves Job Visibility with Real-Time Data
  • Improves Quality by Dynamically Monitoring Cycle Rates
  • Reduces Shop Floor Paperwork
  • Reduces or Eliminates Quantity Over-Runs
  • Enables Proactive Management
Infor Certified Silver Partner
Real Time Machine Status
Real Time Machine Status

Functional Overview

VWEB-MC is a real-time shop floor data collection solution designed to automatically generate setup and run labour tickets and provide real-time status for machines and equipment on the production shop floor.

VWEB-MC is fully integrated with the related modules in Infor ERP VISUAL including Shop Resource Maintenance, Employee Maintenance, Labour Ticket Entry, the Manufacturing Window and the Concurrent Scheduler.

Data collected can be viewed and edited through the standard "Labor Ticket Entry" application, and reported through the standard Visual reports for efficiency, utilization, job costing, job status and all of the other numerous manufacturing reports.

It promotes a paperless shop floor and eliminates the need for manually created labour tickets providing a graphical view of machine and work order status which is updated in real time.

How it works

By using solid state proximity sensors or mechanical relays which are positioned on the machine or equipment to either sense the movement of the machine cycle or stroke, or is activated by a pulse from the machine’s internal controller or PLC.

Using solid state proximity sensors, continuous machine cycle rates as fast as 10 cycles per second are possible.


Typical applications are metal and rubber stamping, casting and molding.

However any 'discrete' process which produces in distinct cycles would be suitable including CNC machine tools, conveyor or hopper-based systems.

VWEB-MC is a cost effective solution. It is simple to install, easy to use and can be retro-fitted to most manual or automated machine which produces in cycles.

More Information

Please download our VWEB-MC Brochure, or email us for more information.

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