What makes the difference between software and a solution is the skill and experience of the provider.

For over two decades, we have enabled local engineering and manufacturing businesses boost operational productivity and throughput with our powerful and affordable solutions.

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PURE Manufacturing

A real-time, browser-enabled M.E.S Manufacturing Software for Scheduling, Planning, Tracking & Control.

PURE Manufacturing
Infor Visual JOBSHOP

An out-of-the-box "manufacturing only" solution which integrates with popular accounting packages.

Infor Visual JOBSHOP
Real-Time Labour Tickets

A touch-screen optimized, shop floor data collection enhancement for Infor ERP VISUAL.

Real-Time Labour Tickets
PURE Quality

An intuitive, comprehensive, web-based Total Quality Management Solution.

PURE Quality
Real-Time Machine Status

A fully automated machine data collection enhancement for Infor ERP VISUAL.

Real-Time Machine Status

Stop guessing - start seeing

Your customers are constantly demanding better quality, shorter lead times, faster responses and lower prices. Your ability to respond accurately and quickly to their needs is what will put you in front and keep you there.

You can't afford to guess each time you quote a price or estimate a delivery date to a customer, you need to see at a glance, the impact of every order, constraint, and bottleneck in your organization so that you can respond with a level of speed and efficiency that makes the most efficient use of your resources.

Our Manufacturing solutions provide you with:

  • End-to-end functionality
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ease of use
  • Rapid implementation
  • Improved visibility
  • Improved productivity

Our solutions share the same important focus on lean manufacturing and boosting productivity and throughput through optimizing your manufacturing operations with advanced planning & scheduling.

They are affordable, flexible, have a highly intuitive graphical interface, and enable you to stop guessing and start delivering consistently profitable results, quickly.

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