Infor ERP Visual Jobshop is an affordable, fully integrated manufacturing solution that is easy-to-learn yet powerful enough to manage your entire operation.

Designed for smaller manufacturers with continuous improvement in mind, it integrates with popular accounting packages such as Quickbooks.

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Customer Quote

Visual JOBSHOP offers many features that rival larger MRP systems, which works perfectly for us. We see Infor VISUAL Jobshop as the right product for building and growing our company. Infor has been incredibly responsive towards our progress and success. The support has been first rate.

Jerry Peterson, Vice President GP2 Technologies, Inc.

Infor Certified Silver Partner

Functional Summary

Infor ERP Visual Jobshop helps you manage important business functions, streamlines workflow and eliminates redundant data entry by integrating quoting, order entry, inventory control, production, shipping, and invoicing.

Select a functional area from the module map below.

  • Sales Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Scheduling & Planning
  • Financial Management
  • User Management
  • Quoting & Estimating

    • Develop cost estimates quickly and accurately from scratch, established parts, or "the same thing only different" requirements.
    • Account for supplier price breaks and your economies of scale automatically when developing quotes for multiple quantities.
    • Mark-up your material, labor, burden, and service costs at their own rates.
    • Quickly add lines to a quote by selecting multiple parts from a list and adding them in one step Sales Order Management.

    Sales Order Management

    • Create a sales order from a quote, then generate an acknowledgment with a few clicks of the mouse.
    • Accept and track orders for identical parts with multiple delivery dates.
    • Create SOP orders automatically from, and link them to, individual sales order lines.
    • Generate pack lists automatically.
    • Quickly add lines to a sales order by selecting multiple parts from a list and adding them in one step.
    • Add or edit notes based on authority control.
    • Define sales commissions, designate whether individual sales lines are commissionable, and use the sales rep commission report to track sales commissions based on invoiced sales order lines.
  • Inventory Management

    • Buy by the kilo, stock by the metre, issue in millimeters, receive by the piece, and sell by the box with Jobshop's versatile units conversion functionality.
    • Reduce multiple Stock IDs with dimensional tracking while ensuring you have enough inventory on hand to complete the job.
    • Respond quickly to customer needs with VISUAL Jobshop features that support, and easily recover from, "negative" inventory positions.
    • Track material by lot number or serial number.
    • Set up multiple preferred vendors.
    • Define consumable parts and associated expense account.
  • Purchasing

    • Create Requests for Quotes (RFQ) for up to three suppliers.
    • Request quotes for multiple quantities.
    • Easily create purchase orders from your RFQs.
    • Purchase and receive your parts to stock or straight to the job.
    • Print or export the purchase order directly to e-mail.
  • Engineering Management

    • Define operational templates and single or multi-level combined bills of materials and routing structures for parts produced.
    • Use dimensional variable attributes to drastically reduce the number of masters you need to maintain.
    • You can have unlimited revisions to control changes and set a default revision to use when creating jobs.
  • Shop Floor Control

    • Generate work orders quickly that include complete work instructions, linked files, and pictures.
    • Capture and analyze all labor, material, burden, and service costs charged against a job.
    • View accurate job status with Infor VISUAL Jobshop's automated bar code labor data collection module.
    • Gather company-specific data through the use of user defined fields.

    Barcode Data Collection (optional)

    • Monitor shop floor status from the Labor Data Collection module Supervisory Window.
    • Access job status information easily and view linked operation application files with the touch screen compatible layout of the Labor Entry Details Window.
    • Print barcode-enabled reports, including labor lists and employee run time efficiency.
    • Click or touch the screen to quickly reference associated specifications and drawings for work orders.
    • Track labor and overhead cost more accurately than ever before using automated labor data collection.
  • Scheduling & Planning

    • Manage your material requirements by the job, by stocking levels, or a combination of both.
    • View requirements and purchase material from the vendor of your choice with the click of a button.
    • Schedule orders individually or collectively to view the load on your shop.
    • Generate schedules for your work centers.
  • Financial Management

    • Track the actual cost of your material using multi-layer, FIFO (First In, First Out) job costing.
    • Export financial transactions to your QuickBooks™, Peachtree Accounting™, or other financial application, or simply e-mail them to your accountant.
  • User Authority

    • Setup multiple users and roles.
    • Define authorities based on roles and assign users to these roles.
    • Control access to all areas of VISUAL Jobshop by allowing access, denying access, or setting access to read only for each role.
    • Define control access to "status" fields in sales orders, request for quotes, purchase orders, and work orders.
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